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A report received is that one span of the Mocuba bridge over the Licungo river in Mozambique, has been washed away by the recent flooding.  This bridge is on the Nacala Corridor, between the port of Nacala and Malawi.  This means that the main route to Northern Mozambique has been cut.  There is still the […]

The East Africa Trade Hub Bids Farewell After 5 Successful Years

After five highly productive years of reducing barrier to trade, improving food security, strengthening value chains and increasing regional and international trade, the East Africa Trade Hub closed it’s doors at the end of August, 2014. The Trade Hub would like to thank all the passionate and hardworking people who worked with or on the […]

SA’s borders to go biometric

By Tyson Ngubeni The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is turning its focus towards integrating biometric technology in its ongoing information systems modernisation programme. This is according to Sello Mmakau, deputy director general for information systems at the DHA, who says fingerprint and facial recognition technology will be phased into SA’s main points of entry […]

Truck ban in Swaziland

“Road freight vehicles have been banned from Swaziland’s highway, between the hours of 16:30 and 18:30.  This is because of the continuing fatal accidents involving trucks during the peak hours.  The highway includes the notorious Malagwane Mountain escarpment between Mbabane and Manzini.  It is the only connection between the nation’s capital and the Matsapha Industrial […]

Registration documents into Mozambique

Good day All. This message is primarily for South African transporters sending their vehicles into Mozambique.  Particularly to the Beira area. For newly registered vehicles, the registration or licence number, does not appear on the registration document (RC1).  It only appears on the licence receipt document (LCO). The only number that appears on both documents, […]

Trade Hub Conducts Assessments, Knowledge-Sharing at Border Posts

In early April, the Trade Hub transit team travelled to Tanzania to carry out a progress assessment of the capacity and performance of the Joint Border Committees (JBCs) at the Rusumo border on the Tanzania/Rwanda border and the Sirari post on the Tanzania/Kenya border. JBCs are working groups made up of government agencies and private […]

New fees being charged by Zambia Revenue Authority

The new fees being charged by Zambia Revenue Authority. Click HERE to view.

Campaign is Launched To Fight Corruption Along Road Transport Corridors

Corruption and illicit practices on roads are harmful to international trade and the development of national and global economies. They increase legal and operational uncertainty, and add additional costs to the entire logistics chain and end product. As much as USD 1.6 trillion is lost globally each year according to estimates from the World Bank. […]

Overloaded Trucks are Bad for Business and are a Road Safety Hazard—Transport Industry Advocates for Self-Regulation

When one goes for even a short drive in Kenya, it quickly becomes clear that roads are high on the agenda of the Government of Kenya. New roads are built and old roads rehabilitated to accommodate the rapid increases in traffic of goods and people. However, this effort could be undermined if overloaded trucks continue […]

Faster cargo movement in East Africa as Kenya launches new system

The Kenya Electronic Single Window system was launched by Rwandan President Paul Kagame in the presence of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and other regional leaders. Click HERE to view. Best regards David Adolwa TECHNICAL DIRECTOR AFRICA ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS (AESDC)

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